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I’ve really thought alot of the society gap in this world,the reasons supporting this very fact but none have managed to satisfy me as to why some people are more privileged than others. What did the priviliged do to deserve all the chores of life and what’s wrong with those neglected ?

I’ve seen people earning Rs.20,000 a day and those earning the very amount in a month or more , they literally work their whole lives up for the little benefits others simply take for granted.

I know you all would say that its just the way the world is and its all just to maintain a balance in this world but take a moment and think,does that really make sense? Would we be ever able to convince them that what ever they have been through is just to maintain a balance in this world? I’d be glad if anyone brings a fairly satisfactory explanation.

Think about your maids wouldn’t they find luxury so close and yet so far from them ? How would you explain all this to them? Wouldn’t they ask..



Parents obviously are the reason a child is what he is,the kind of person a child turns out to be depends on a large extent upon his upbringing. Children can never realize how necessary they are for their parents,in the presence of such an immense connection yet there are few misunderstandings,because maybe either one feels they are not being given the desired or deserved behaviour. Here we discuss only a single aspect which leads families apart.

The upbringing of a child is a sensitive issue,and an immense responsibility as well.A child belongs to his parents,they are the reasons of his presence, when he first opens his eyes into this world they are the ones he looks upon as his mentors and whatever way they treat him goes along him his entire life,he wants them to be with him,to know him more than anyone does,he does not expect all this only in his childhood but throughout his life at every single point and that’s where the issue is.

Many parents do not realize no matter how old their child is he still wants to remain a child for them he still wants them to know when he is having problems with life and their solutions as well.

Obviously a person cannot be treated as a child throughout his life but he expects different sorts of comfort from his parents at different stages,everyone has a part of their story they don’t read out loud a part they won’t even read to their bestfriends but,they need to read this part out to be aware of the flaws in them,to know where in life are they mistaken and parents should be the people they want to read the part to,there should not be the phrase ‘they won’t understand’ between them and many things would automatically go right for everyone.